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The Year is 2020, the Steampunk Illusionist Has Not Been Seen Since 2018. Can We Get Him To Return To The Future? Or Does He Already Know What The Future Holds And Is Staying Away???

We are working diligently to bring the Steampunk Illusionist back to the 21st Century. If he returns it will be Virtually. Keep watching for details!

Locust Shade Park Amphitheater presented The Steampunk Illusionist

steampunkillusionist5smCarnegie & Denise performed August 4th at Locust Shade Park to a wonderful crowd of very enthusiastic patrons. Among their numerous mysteries they presented The Disectolator, where Carnegie’s Arm is Cut Into Three Pieces, The Ring Transporter, where three borrowed rings vanish and reappear in an impossible location, and their signature Traveling Bottle and Glass routine. They will likely return to the Locust Shade Park Amphitheatre in the future due to the rave reviews they received at this performance.


11/17/2018 The Steampunk Illusionist will be featured at The Yankee Gathering Magic Conference.

8/4/2016 The Steampunk Illusionist will be performing at Locust Shade Park in Triangle VA, 6:30pm performance.

9/19/15  Carnegie will be at the Leland Heritage Festival, 2 Shows and a Magic History Lecture!

7/?/15 The first ever Steampunk Illusionist Newsletter will be going out soon. If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter, please do so quickly!

4/18/15 The Steampunk Illusionists will be making a guest appearance at the Annual Night of Magic in Fairfax, VA

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I’m so excited that The Traveling Bottle and Glass Routine is finally back in the show. Originally created back in 2003, this was our version of the classic Ken Brooke Bottle Trick. But we wanted to add a slightly different dimension to the trick. Our version focuses more on the comedy, while being sure to keep the magic strong. I was very pleased by the audience reaction on the first night the routine was back in the show.

How can you see The Traveling Bottle & Glass? Well, you can HIRE The Steampunk Illusionists for your event, or go see us in our next public performance!Steampunk Magic Show



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