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You are about to embark upon one of the most unique, memorable and problem free magic productions touring today. You are in for a treat. The Steampunk Illusionist is the most adventurous program we have ever offered. For modern audiences, the distinct 19th Century atmosphere is a great change of pace. No cell phones or internet in this show, our technology is Sci-fi Victorian. You may see time machines, teleportation devices, devices which can shrink, alter, and restore borrowed items! You’ll also experience many of the same effects that were presented by Victorian magicians and you’ll discover for yourself why magic was so revered back then! Directly below you can view the color version of our promotional video. Then below that you’ll find our various show packages. There are three different shows created for different sized audiences and different performing environments. The next section is MORE VIDEOS from the show. This is just a sampling of the many routines we can do in our Victorian/Steampunk shows. Along with the magic, there are period costumes and music specifically chosen to capture the essence of the 19th Century. Finally, at the bottom of the page is a simple form that you can fill out if you’d like to book the show or if you require more information. Of course, you’re always welcome to contact us via email or phone call as well. We hope you enjoy your journey into unusual world of Steampunk Magic and we look forward to working with you. (There are more videos further down the page)

Show Packages

[ez_three]  Carnegie – The Steampunk Wizard Show is the smaller version of the Steampunk Illusionist Show. This show is a mixture of stage and manipulative magic, mind reading demonstrations, interactive routines with the audience and more. Period costumes and props give the show a theatrical feel and will give the audience the sense that they are witnessing a true 19th Century performance. This show contains none of the large scale illusions that are in the bigger show so it’s adaptable to smaller venues. We have designed the show to be unlike anything you’ve seen before. We will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. This show runs 55+ minutes. It’s best suited for smaller audiences of 50-200. steampunk magician [/ez_three] [ez_three]

The Astonify SHOW  The Astonify Show is a theatrical recreation of a Victorian Parlor Magic performance combined with a full light Spirit Seance. Both, Parlor Magic and Seances were popular in the 19th Century. This combination has rarely been seen since.

The program is divided into three parts,

Conjuring, Clairvoyance, & The Spirits.

The performance is interactive. Audience members are encouraged to participate. After-all, the phenomenon is more fun (and more unnerving) when you experience it firsthand. You’ll enjoy a pleasant evening of entertainment….with an spooky edge.

Carnegie may even feature the celebrated and rarely seen Cabinet of Spirits. This mystery was first made popular by the American Medium, Anna Eva Fay, way back in the 19th Century. The Cabinet of Spirits is just as astonishing today, as it was when your great great great grandparents first witnessed it!

Special Note: This show is not intended for children or anyone under 16 years of age. This is a sophisticated evening of marvels and mysteries for adults. To find out more you can visit

The show runs 60+ minutes and is best suited for groups of no more than 50 persons. [/ez_three] [ez_three_last] Steampunk Illusionist Magic Show
Carnegie – The Steampunk Illusionist Show is our main show. It’s a multi-person production. The big difference in this show is the scale. Many of the smaller stage magic and interactive routines from the Steampunk Wizard are included in this show. But you’ll also see large illusions in the show as well. These include the Sawing a Spectator in Half with a 150 Year old Saw!, The Steam and Glass Mystery (see above video), and there are other illusions we can pick from depending upon the performing area and conditions. The show is also filled with period costumes, plenty of historical references, and gentle jabs taken at modern technology. If you had a time machine and went back to the 1890’s you MIGHT see a show similar to this, but rest assured ours is better. Even though it borrows from the Victorian era, the magic and entertainment is quite contemporary. This show runs 60-90 minutes and is ideal for groups of 100-1200+Carnegie-Illusionist-Tri [/ez_three_last]

BONUS: We encourage you to invite the local steampunk community to come out to see the shows IF the show is open to the public. Steampunk Cosplay groups are an ever growing community in the U.S., and they are even larger in Europe and Japan! We want steampunkers to show up  in costume to help further the Victorian atmosphere within the audience. It makes the show larger and without any added expense. It’s kind of like the Golden Age of Theatre when everyone dressed up to attend, well in this case, they truly do dress up just in period attire! This naturally only works if your event is a festival or theatre event open to the public.


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Do you have any questions [as what=”firstname”]? There are two ways to move forward.  You can fill out the form below and tell us what you are looking for and give us the date of your event. We will get back to you quickly with the right package and pricing information. The second method is to give us a call to discuss your entertainment needs in detail @ 703-404-8902. Don’t delay. Request your date now and we will get in touch and let you know if your preferred time is available.          Thanks [as what=”firstname”]! Denise, Office Manager, The Carnegie Magic Management Team 703-404-8902 [email protected]   [ez_two]


I, [as what=”Name”],  am interested in having Dean Carnegie-The Steampunk Illusionist bring his special brand of magic to my event. I also understand that to reserve Carnegie, I simply start by filling out the form below. After my information is submitted, I’ll receive an email within 2 business days with full package & pricing information. (You are under no obligation to keep the stated date until you sign our Confirmation Agreement which will be sent to you once all details of the performance are agreed upon. So fill out the form and let’s get started!)cropped-SteampunkIllusionistLogo1.png

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