Modern Day Magician Mixes Forgotten Mysteries With Re-Imagined History To Create An Exciting Show Of Timeless Wonders & All Out Fun!

deantin8The Steampunk Illusionist is a unique theatrical Steampunk magic show. This show is Victorian Futurism fused with magic and illusions. We like to say It’s Houdini Meets H.G. Wells.

Carnegie the Steampunk Illusionist presents an exhibition of the finest Victorian Illusions and re-imagined magical mysteries. He is a true Steampunk magician with an array of wacky inventions, time machines, teleportation devices, steam powered contraptions, and  novelties unlike anything found in modern times. The show is a blend of sleight of hand, mind manipulation, and Grand Illusion all in a Steampunk magic setting.

A Steampunk magic show is so much more than a typical magic show, it is a return to form, a return to theatrical magic. This is ‘Not Your Father’s Magic Show…..IT’S MORE LIKE YOUR GREAT GREAT GRANDFATHER’S MAGIC SHOW… ON STEROIDS!

And there is much more to come. Watch for more details, stories, trivia and videos!


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